There are two main sources of scrap. 

  • Miscut parts that need rework.
  • Remnants, salvage or drop parts that are thrown away.

If you could use more of your raw material and cut down on rework you would solve this problem.

TigerStop has a solution that solve both of these issues. 

Automation that eliminates miscut parts, reduces rework and increases material yield.


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No More ReWork

A TigerStop® is an automated material positioner and pusher that attaches on to your existing equipment, including saws, punches, drills, TigerStop on a chopsawpresses, and more.

This add-on automation is amazingly accurate, giving you perfectly cut parts every time. 

This accuracy doesn’t rely on an operator reading (or misreading as the case may be) a tape measure. 

Which means no more expensive rework

It also means less scrap as you are not throwing out incorrectly cut parts into the trash bin.


Increase Material Yield

TigerStop comes with Dynamic Optimization™ (nesting) software which tells you how to cut your material to get the largest yield possible. No complicated math, just enter your cut list and material length and Dynamic Optimization™ determines the order you cut.

             Enter_List_to_controller-01.png                   get very little waste with dynamic optmization


You can even go a step further with our fully automated saw station solution and have the material length scanned on a TigerSaw 1000.  Then you simply download the cut list and place the material on the infeed.  The Saw Station does all the work.


How Most Operators Cut

Most operators will cut parts on a list starting with the largest parts first and working down to the smallest.  This gives you a lot of waste… as the leftover from cutting two parts might well be better used by cutting three smaller parts.  

starting with longest stock gives poor yield

An operator can’t easily determine which order will give the best yield, but a computer program can!  That’s where TigerStop's Dynamic Optimization software comes in to play.

But wait – there is even more…



The TigerStop's Dynamic Optimization software can also be used to defect material for even greater yield. 

When setup on a saw station an operator can simply measure the material length to the first defect.  TigerStop analyzes the length and compares it to the cut list and then moves the saw stop to position so an operator can simply cut in the knowledge that the parts will be in the order that will give the best yield and least waste. 

Once you reach a defect, simply cut it out and measure the material length again to continue.

If you get a fully automated saw station like the TigerSaw 1000 you can get scanning with crayon marking and simply mark the defects with a crayon, place the material on the infeed and the TigerSaw will scan and cut out defects for you and optimize the material in between for the least amount of waste. 

defecing wood


What product should you buy?

Purchase less raw footage while sending fewer pounds back to the recycler.

Want to cut your waste from scrap and put that money in your bottom line?  TigerStop have some great solutions for you.  Solutions that reduce rework AND increase material yield.



TigerStop® an automated material positioner will push, pull or position you material for accurate parts every time.  Just add a TigerStop to your own saw station, or even your punch, drill or press for savings on rework.



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Upgrade your TigerStop with our Dynamic Optimization software.  It will determine what parts to cut in what order for best yield from your cut list.  Simply enter the material length and the stop will move to position so you can cut.  

Ask for it with your TigerStop®.



TigerSaw 1000™ the all-in-one cross cut and push feed system will automate the entire cutting process.  Simply load the wood and the pusher will push it into the machine and cut… and with added Optimization you can get the best yield plus you can add Crayon Scanning so the machine will measure the material length you are going to cut for even more savings on labor.  












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Stop throwing Money in the Scrap bin

TigerStop® products give your shop affordable add-on automation solutions that reduce waste and increase yield.  TigerStop’s fully automated Saw Systems add even more value making your cutoff and rip process more efficient.


Need to save on wood scrap?

TigerStop® has a solution for you.


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