How TigerStop helps reduce seven areas of waste


  • Overproduction: Overproduction occurs when a factory produces more than what is actually needed to meet demand.

    Automate your machinery to eliminate human error and to quickly produce the exact number of parts needed, not more. Make what you want, when you need it. A TigerStop will add automation to your existing equipment and that automation is fast and accurate – meaning you can process parts faster and with less errors.

  • Waiting: Waiting occurs from a poor balance of work. Idle time is abundant when materials are not available when needed.                                                  

When machines are automated with a TigerStop, you only need to produce the parts that are needed for the next stage in the process… this means single piece flow… which in turn means no waiting time.

  • Transportation: Transportation waste occurs when materials are moved in stacks from department to department.

    Putting processes close together and embracing single piece flow all help. Another great way to fight the Transportation waste is to source components locally. Support your local economy and reduce shipment costs for parts.

  • Inventory: Inventory is expensive, takes up precious shop floor room, and is a massive drain on cash flow.

    One way to reduce inventory is to reduce machine setup time. If your machinery set up time takes too long, you will produce more products to compensate. Installing automation with zero set up times allows you to be in control of when you produce and how much you produce so parts don't have to be stored in inventory. A TigerStop, for example reduces the setup time to zero and saves a lot over using a tape measure and manual fence.

  • Motion: When employees have to take too many steps they are compensating for an inefficient process

    Automate the tools in your shop that require the most amount of walking. For example, if you are walking around your sliding table saw adjusting a manual fence, you are wasting hours upon hours of time and effort each day. The TigerFence lets operators change dimensions without having to walk a step. Most users see up to 30% more productivity out of their saw every day.  
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  • Work In Process: Partially completed work or WIP is a large source of waste with zero return on investment.

    Automate your machinery with TigerStop to quickly produce single pieces that are accurate. Make to order to eliminate batching and unfinished goods taking up precious shop floor space.

  • Defects: Defects occur when material or labor is wasted and parts or processes must be reworked.

    Use equipment designed to eliminate human error and rework. Automating existing machinery with TigerStop makes rework a thing of the past. It also eliminates Motion waste producing bad parts, which in turn must be corrected and remade. Ultimately the goal is 100% accuracy.