Download to learn tips that will improve your efficiency and productivity and save you money on material costs and labor costs.* 

Fenestration Manufacturing 10 ways to save*Accessible on your desktop, smart phone, or tablet. 

The fenestration industry is faced with a number of challenges. Raw material costs are extremely high – typically exceeding 50% of costs on Profit and Loss Statements. In addition, inefficient processes and a growing skills gap increase already high labor costs. This makes meeting production demand while staying profitable a balancing act. But there are actions you can take to start saving money today

In this booklet we lay out ten ways to save in your window and door business. 


Inside you will learn:

  • what the role of automation should be in your business
  • how to reduce scrap waste
  • how to calculate your yield
  • how to determine your greatest Key Performance Indicator (K.P.I)

If you want to improve your Fenestration business' bottom line download this free booklet and check out these ten tips.