Using a tape measure takes time.
Time better spent cutting, drilling, and punching parts. 

Typing in or downloading your measurements on an automated stop gauge takes a fraction of the time. This means you can cut more material in a day, increasing output with the same number of operators. Watch as your labor costs plummet. 

Using a tape measure allows for inaccuracies.  
This means costly rework. 

Studies suggest that for every 100 parts cut, between 2-6 are miscut. Using an automated stop gauge and material pusher means perfectly cut parts, every time, and zero time spent re-working errors.    

Using a tape measure requires skill.
Finding skilled labor is hard.  

Using an automated stop gauge and material pusher is easy. Type in your part length, place your material, and cut. Any entry level operator can be trained to produce perfectly cut parts in no time flat.  

Using a tape measure hurts your material yield.
And material costs are rising. 

Using an automated stop gauge and material pusher with Dynamic Optimization™ software can determine the best yield from your material based on your cut list. A better yield means savings directly onto your bottom line. Your tape measure can't do that.  

Your tape measure is costing you a fortune. It's stealing from your bottom line! It's time to turn it in and automate your shop with TigerStop. 

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When Is The Right Time To Automate My Shop?
Did you know? The average cost of a tape measure is $38,592 a year.*

Automate your cutting, drilling, and punching processes, to name a few, and save big time. 

  • Increase output 3x
  • Eliminate tape measure induced inaccuracies
  • Reduce non-value added rework
  • Eliminate set up time

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